Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cupid Car Club, M.P.

For my second post I give you another exemplary, if very different, single from the early 90's D.C. scene. Cupid Car Club's self-titled single is a paean to, of all things, teenage hipster suicide cults. The cover recounts the suicide of each of the band's members in image and text in the form of an easy do-it-yourself guide, so you too can "join their club." The back cover, which I unfortunately do not have a decent picture of, offers fragments of obituaries for each of the members. That of singer Ian Svenonius is worth excerpting:

"...apparently slashing his wrists in a friends bathroom. Suspected of being a werewolf, Svenonius was best known for his preacher style sermonizing with various affiliated 'social clubs'; The M.P. Skulkers, Carbonas, and the especially notorious Cupid the 'Car Club'. The wrist slashing punctuated an obsession with a late night underworld peopled entirely by drinamyl fueled boys and girls who would, he claimed, 'Dig a grave big enough to dump the wretched legacy of a life squandered on the idiotic principles of the living world and climb into the car club coffin'. Svenonius advocated young, romantic suicide marketed as a sort of new teen craze, for the purpose of 'empowerment' and claimed his 'car club ephemeral...eternally'."

Obviously this whole thing is a bit tongue-in-cheek--a tendency that would be picked up in force two years after this single, when three of the four band members (Svenonius, James Canty, and Steve Gamboa) would go on to form The Make-Up. The fourth member of Cupid Car Club, Kim Thompson, would join Delta '72. More on both these bands in a later post. For now, have a listen to Cupid Car Club's assaultive stylings--especially the standout final track, Grape Juice Plus. The single was originally released on Kill Rock Stars (#215) in September 1993 and has never been issued on CD. You can also find more info on the band here.

A1-Edge of the Envelope (2:15)
A2-Vapor Rub Out (2:47)
B1-Child Custody Commandos (1:54)
B2-Grape Juice Plus (3:55)

Download it here.


Petro Earl said...

Hey cutie,

Great post! Love this damn band, but for the Heads out there, I'm pretty sure the B side is first and the A side second here on this download, but I'm just happy to have it! Luzzz ya.

Novemberer said...

Ha, I thought everybody else had forgotten about this 'un! I really loved this e.p. at the time & was actually a little bit disappointed by The Make Up (if you can imagine that) when they emerged instead of more C.C.C. - thanks for posting... x

forego is my witness said...

Will forever be in my top 20 favorite 7"ers ever. And I got a LOT of 45s. This vibe + sound + attitude + catchiness has never been duplicacted by any of its members post-CCC subsequently, which is a shame. A full LP of this band woulda been oooohhhhh so goooood....