Sunday, July 6, 2008

First post: Bavarian Mods

To start things off here at The Mythic Signifier, I am posting one of my favorite 7" singles by Unrest, the "flagship band" (quoth AMG) of Arlington VA's Teenbeat Records. I'm including all four tracks from Bavarian Mods and Other Hits, including "She Is Today," even though it only consists of the sound of the record player needle being jostled and then about three minutes of silence. Still, to really appreciate the final track "Nova Scotia" you need to weather your way through that silence--on my turntable at least the last track is beyond the point where the auto-return function kicks in, so you really do have to listen to the silence to get to the last song.

Bavarian Mods and Other Hits was released in 1992 on Teenbeat and Homestead Records, and is Teenbeat #84 and Homestead #184. The band at that point consisted of Mark Robinson, Phil Krauth, and Bridget Cross. The song "Bavarian Mods"--one of the gems of the Unrest discography--was later remastered and reissued on the CD compilation BPM [1991-1994], which I strongly recommend purchasing. The rest of the single, including the band's epic rendition of Argent's "God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You" (which was subsequently covered by Kiss as "God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You II," thus the suffix "III" on this version), has never been issued on CD. [Correction: The Argent cover actually did come out on the Dutch East India Company comp Buy This Used Compact Disc. Thanks to Ned for the info!] Enjoy.

A1-God Gave Rock'n'Roll to You III (4:46)
B1-Bavarian Mods (1:17)
B2-She Is Today (3:09)
B3-Nova Scotia (1:16)

Download link in comments.


smokeandmirrors said...

follow the link.
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ned said...

unrest's "god gave rock 'n roll to you" actually came out on a dutch east idea cd called "Buy This Used Compact Disc: A Dutch East India Sampler"... still an awesome song!

Andrew TSKS said...

As weird as you noted that "She Is Today" is, it's actually even weirder than that. I only noticed this because, back in the early 90s, when I was a senior in high school, a friend of mine loaned me a bunch of his records while he went away for his first year of college. One of them was this EP, and I listened to it a lot. Here's what I figured out about "She Is Today": during the "silence" part, if you turn it up, you can hear a record scratching very slightly. Since you're hearing it on vinyl, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that your record is just slightly scratched. But actually, I timed the scratching noises and realized that, even though the "Bavarian Mods" 7 inch turns at 33 rpm, the scratch noises on "She Is Today" are occurring 45 times per minute. So instead of pressing three minutes of silence to a record, which would be nutty enough, they recorded the outrun/locked groove of a 45 rpm single for three minutes and pressed THAT to a record.

This kind of insanity is one of my favorite things about Unrest.

Anonymous said...

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Novemberer said...

Of all the great bands from this era, Unrest are the one I really miss... x