Friday, July 18, 2008


The Mythic Signifier has been a bit quiet lately due to a frantic week at work, but now we return with the first entry in what will likely be a constant thread here: singles from the early/mid-90s Chapel Hill music scene. Today I give you the (to my knowledge, only) three singles released by June. I saw this band I think only once, opening for Squirrel Nut Zippers on Halloween at the Cat's Cradle, must have been 1995. I remember they played a great cover of Bela Lugosi's Dead. Early the following year they released their one and only album on Beggar's Banquet records (titled, like their first single, I Am Beautiful, it is now out of print), and promptly disbanded shortly thereafter. The album includes most of the songs on these singles, but in different recordings--I think the 7" versions are superior in all cases. I hope you think so too.

I am Beautiful 7", Friction Media, 1993
A: I am Beautiful (3:17)
B: The Theme of the Anti-Hero (5:29)

Stripteaser 7", Friction Media, 1993
A: Stripteaser (3:30)
B: The Long Dance (3:29)

Genius 7", Squealer Records, 1994
A: Genius (3:32)
B: All of Me (4:31)

Unfortunately, my copy of the Genius single has not weathered as well as I'd like, so you will notice a single unavoidable little skip in each side of the single. Sorry about that - but luckily for you, the record appears to still be available from Squealer, so you should just go out and buy it yourself here. (Also note that "All of Me," one of the greatest of June's songs, is not available anywhere else.)

At the time of these three recordings, June consisted of:
Kat Cook, vocals
Mathew Gross, drums and vocals
Andy Magowan, bass and violin
John Price, guitar
Tricia Tuttle, guitar and vocals

Download the singles here.


joe said...

thanks for these! have downloaded along with the other stuff. nice blog... have added you to my links list. joe

Anonymous said...

Best Chapel Hill band ever. Not the loudest, not the most popular, not the coolest, not the best selling....BUT there might not have been another band like them in the entire country. They had something that nourished all but the most hard-hearted; and somehow it came off as smart pop. Wow...Try digging around used cassette bins or requesting something on XYC: they had a 5 song demo that included Genius, Bees, All of Me, Stripteaser and The Boxer.