Thursday, May 21, 2009

Comments, and a return (Unrest).

So. It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, or even looked at this site. I suppose I lost interest there for a while. But just a little while ago I happened to come back here and discovered, to my delight, that I had gotten quite a few comments on my postings in last six months. As a frequenter of music blogs, I have often seen people write how much comments mean to them, but until now I had not truly understood how blog-affirming they are. So thank you, Billy Sugarfix, Mookieproof, Rye, Andrea Kulpas, Mr. Snrub, JonMcP, Joe, Ned, and yes, even you, Anonymous. (Not so much you, Sexy, who I can only assume is a Chinese spammonger of some sort.) Suddenly I have the desire to post again!

With that said, I thought that posting more Unrest singles would be a nice way to get back in the swing of things:

Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl 7", 1991
Teenbeat no. 42/IPU no. 17

A1: Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl (4:26)
B1: Hydroplane (3:01)
B2: Feeling Good Fixation (0:59)

This is (I think) the band's third single, and certainly the first one to have a large pressing. It's also a co-release with K Records, part of the label's International Pop Underground series. (Or were all of K's releases part of the IPU series?) At any rate, it's a great single, with a lovely Sammy Davis Jr. cover, and a different version of the title track than the one that later came out on the Isabel EP, plus two great b-sides, the latter of which is part of the long-standing tradition of 1-minute Unrest songs.

A Factory Record 7", 1991
Teenbeat no. 63/Sub-Pop no. 103

A1: Deaf (3:14)
A2: UFO (2:05)
B1: Sex Machine (1:27)
B2: When It All Comes Down (3:52)

Anyone who knows anything about the Teenbeat label knows that Mark Robinson (leader of the label and of Unrest) is a Factory Records fanatic. Thus it is only fitting that he would release a single comprising covers of great tunes from the Factory discography. On this co-release with Sub-Pop (part of its single-of-the-month series), we get covers of songs by Crispy Ambulance, ESG, Crawling Chaos, and Miaow (in that order). The Miaow cover was later released on the BPM compilation, which is stil available from Teenbeat.

ModFuck Explosion
original soundtrack LP, 1993
Ballpeen no. 10

A1: ModFuck Explosion Theme (2:58)
A2: Zim-Zum (3:22)
A3: London's Theme (2:18)
A4: Northwest Territory (1:28)
A5: In the Garden (3:11)
A6: Unrest Incidental Piece (3:52)

This soundtrack catches Unrest at their prime, right between the release of Imperial FFRR and Perfect Teeth, and it shows. Six beautiful songs that were, incidentally, the first Unrest songs I ever heard, thanks to a great mid-college mixtape by my friend Kelly's roommate Rebecca (wherever you are, thank you). The other half of the soundtrack is by Karyo Tengoku, a brilliant Japanese noise-punk band - I haven't digitized that side of the album yet, but plan on seeing it here at some point. The ModFuck Explosion film came out on DVD a few years back, but I never mustered up the willpower to watch it. I wonder if it lives up to its soundtrack.

Animal Park 7", 1994
Teenbeat no. 133

A1: Afternoon Train (2:24)
A2: Hey Hey Halifax (1:43)
B1: Light Command (4:23)

And finally, the last Unrest single, once the band was rapidly underway to becoming Air Miami (more on which at another time). "Light Command" appears, in slightly different form (I think), on the Perfect Teeth album, while "Afternoon Train" was refashioned (slightly) to appear on the Air Miami album. Bridget Cross sings on both songs.

Get all this stuff in one handy file here. Enjoy!


Andrew TSKS said...

Oh man, this is great. First I discover that you've got mp3s of one of the rare Unrest singles I've been looking for for years, then I check the rest of the blog and find the other two! You are awesome. Keep it up.

Blair Corbett said...

thank you so much for what you are doing here. it's so great to be able to listen to these rare unrest singles and eps, and i look forward to listening to all the bands i'm unfamiliar with.

this is the best blog i've discovered in ages, please don't give it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey rumor has it that Karyo Tengoku is Unrest + Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis singing. Please post it! it's so good. I have that LP right here next to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these. Yes, She Is My Skinhead Girl is one of my all time fav Unrest tracks, and it's great to hear the 7" version.

Anonymous said...

hello! could you please upload the "Karyo Tengoku" side from mod fuck explosion record? i would really like to hear it, especially one insane track that was in the movie, where the girl is just singing "la la la la" but it has so fucking raw and punkish sound, would really like to hear it

Novemberer said...

Wow, really nice to hear these again, I still have the 7"s stowed away in a box somewhere (in my folks' attic no doubt) but I never managed to find a copy of Mod Fuck Explosion - excellent work, sir!

smokeandmirrors said...

Hey Anon 5:35, I'll try to find time to rip the Karyo Tengoku side of the LP - it might take me a little while, but your request has been duly noted!

smokeandmirrors said...

And it's up! At long last, get your fill of Karyo Tengoku. Yeah!

Matthew said...

this blog rules, despite the sporadic updates i hope you're still chugging along.

now to be a bastard and make a request!

do you have any more rare unrest stuff? i'm specifically looking for twister.


Anonymous said...

I reeeally want the entire Mod Fuck Explosion Album in mp3 form (I'm getting it on vinyl soon). I've only found it on here, but megaupload is gone forever. Is there any way you would do a drop box or something else? Thanks.

smokeandmirrors said...

Hi L,
I've re-upped this Unrest post, including their side of the Modfuck Explosion LP. Just follow the newly updated link above. I'll do the post with the Karyo Tengaku side of the LP next and will add a comment there when it's up. Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

Ah! Thanks again!

smokeandmirrors said...

...and the Karyo Tengoku link is live again! Please see the original post (March 2010) for the download. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Nooo! They blocked it! Jerks!

What should we do?

Maximum Jack said...

Hi Smoke and Mirrors, awesome blog. Any chance you could reup this Unrest compilation?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been looking for this everwhere - could you be persuaded to re-up this?

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, PLEASE re-up this!

A S said...

Please, re-up Animal Park EP. I am looking for this for years.

Christopher Galloso said...

please reup. I am looking these singles for years.. seriously

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, re-up the link to the VITAL sounds, I have only vinyl of these and don't want to wear them out any further than I already have over the years, would be sooooo grateful to have digital files! Thank you for even just assembling these songs in this post, you are a saint!