Thursday, May 28, 2009


Second to Unrest, Eggs are, in my humble opinion, the greatest of the Teenbeat bands. Like Mark Robinson, the force behind Unrest, Andrew Beaujon of Eggs was with the label from the beginning, working under various monikers such as Scaley Andrew. Eggs was a sort of supergroup that featured Beaujon as well as Rob Christiansen, also of Grenadine and Viva Satellite. Their album Exploder is tremendous, as is their singles compilation How Do You Like Your Lobster. I highly recommend that you visit the Teenbeat site and pick those up.

The first two songs of the first single I'm posting here are included on How Do You Like Your Lobster, but for some reason (a rights issue, perhaps?) the cover of Peggy Lee's Fever is not on the CD. Neither is the great instrumental track from the second single here, which is a split release with Pitchblende - a band that I will post more from in due course. You can get both singles here. Enjoy.

PS. As anyone reading the comments will see, I heard from Andrew Beaujon, who kindly pointed out that I had recorded "Song With Contemporary Influences" at the wrong speed. I am a bad blogger! Or perhaps a bad indie-rock fan? At any rate, what I thought was a zippy instrumental romp is in fact a much mathier, dirge-like ditty. It's still a good song. I've reposted the corrected version via the link above - and just for kicks I've thrown in a little non-vinyl Eggs rarity: their cover of The Cure's "Catch" from the compilation Give Me The Cure, which featured many DC-area bands doing Cure covers, and which I sadly do not own...

Anyway, thanks to Andrew for visiting the site and checking up on his legacy, and thanks to you all as I continue working out the kinks of blogging.

Jade Tree EP, 1993
Jade Tree, no. 1010

A: Sexual Tension (5:23)
B1: In State (2:46)
B2: Fever (3:34)

Eggs/Pitchblende, Balls! Balls! EP, 1994
Jade Tree, no. 1016

A: Pitchblende, "Windshield Kiss" (2:47)
B: Eggs, "Song with Contemporary Influences" (5:03)


outdoor miner said...
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Andrew Beaujon said...

Oh hi, I was in Eggs. Thanks for posting our stuff--it's great to see people still caring. One thing, though--I'm pretty sure your MP3 of "Song With Contemporary Influences" was recorded at the wrong turntable speed. I can't imagine we ever played that fast.

smokeandmirrors said...


I am pleased and honored that you've visited the site, as well as utterly embarassed that I have posted one of your songs at the wrong speed - and even worse, been listening to it that way for the past 10-odd years, simply thinking it was an unusually peppy Eggs song. The single of course gives no indication of what speed it should be played at, so I assumed 45rpm. I guess the question comes down to which "contemporary influences" you were under back in the day.

Anyway, I have re-recorded the track at 33, and it sounds good, though certainly much more dirge-y. Have a listen and let me know if this sounds right.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you won't be a stranger in the future.


Andrew Beaujon said...

Don't be embarrassed; I'm flattered you took the time to record and post these old songs. The 33 1/3 version is correct, though I agree at 45 it has a certain verve the original lacks!

smokeandmirrors said...

Great, thanks. As you'll see I re-posted a corrected zip file, so no more egregiously speedy Eggs.

Incidentally, I've been planning to post some of your solo singles (Marylebone Station, Click and Drag, Morning). Since you're keeping an eye on things, I feel I have to ask: Do you mind? No biggie if you don't feel OK about it, I've got plenty of other posts percolating.

Andrew Beaujon said...

Sure, go nuts! Just don't blame me if the Christopher Cross cover makes you swear off music forever.

reidmix said...

I <3 Andrew Beaujon / Eggs -- I know he wrote a book and has been writing for a magazine I think but have there been any musical creations? I would love to see a resurgence esp with Mark putting out new releases.

Juan said...

Hey, Mac! Thank you so much! I've never heard these magnificent ep's before! I'm really happy.