Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stereolab & The Cat's Miaow

As a little afterthought to my Unrest post, here's a split flexi-single by Stereolab and The Cat's Miaow. Stereolab also put out a single with Unrest, and Unrest covered a song by Miaow (see below), who is surely the reference point for The Cat's Miaow, don't you think? So this seemed like an appropriate followup. The two Stereolab songs on this disc have not been included on the band's various "Switched On" compilations--though "Yes Sir I Can Moogie" also manifested itself as "Moogie Wonderland," a b-side on their "Ping Pong" single. They're really just sketches here, The Cat's Miaow song being the only fully-formed track on the single. Still, if you're as big a Stereolab fan as I am, this is a nice little nugget from one of the prime moments of their catalogue. Enjoy.

Stereolab/The Cat's Miaow split 7", 1995
Wurlitzer Jukebox, no. 3

A1: Stereolab, "The Eclipse" (0:59)
A2: The Cat's Miaow, "Shoot the Moon" (2:55)
A3: Stereolab, "Yes, Sir! I Can Moogie" (1:02)

Get it here.


Jackson said...

So this was released on flexi? How the hell did you manage to rip it? (And isn't flexi really bad quality, usually?)

smokeandmirrors said...

It is indeed a flexi. Ripping it was the same as ripping anything else - record player feeds into computer, Audacity does the rest. As far as quality goes, I guess it helps that the entire disc clocks it an under 5 minutes - if you can't have deep grooves go for wide ones?

Jackson Brody said...

Hmm... okay. Thanks, and thanks for uploading! Do you have anything else by The Cat's Miaow?