Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stereolab & Soi-Disant

Here's a split single by Stereolab and Soi-Disant that to my knowledge has not yet found its way onto CD. Stereolab must be gearing up for another Switched On compilation, on which their song here would presumably appear, but for now this is a pretty hard-to-find entry in their extremely extensive canon. Around my house this song is affectionately known as "The Windshield Wiper Song." The Soi-Disant song is good, too, though I don't know a thing about them as a band. Anyway, I thought this would be a nice follow-up to the Stereolab/Cat's Miaow single. Enjoy.

Stereolab/Soi-Disant split 7", 1998
Lukewarm Music, no. 1

A: Stereolab, "Symbolic Logic of Now!" (4:09)
B: Soi-Disant, "Glitterati (Cruise(r))" (4:12)

Get it here.

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