Sunday, July 19, 2009

Andrew Beaujon singles

Hello again. Earlier I posted some Eggs singles, which led the band's singer, Andrew Beaujon, to visit the site. Ever since I have been meaning to post these singles Andrew put out under his own name and with his short-lived (or at least not prolific) band Women in Rock. It seems it's about time I actually completed the post. Hopefully this time I'll get all the recording speeds right. Without further ado:

Andrew Beaujon, Marylebone Station 7", 1997
Happy Go Lucky, no. 7

A: Marylebone Station (2:45)
B: Feeling Relatively Good (3:52)

Andrew Beaujon and Women in Rock, Throw the Apes 7", 1998
555 Recordings, no. 14

A: Throw the Apes (3:29)
B: Click and Drag (3:10)

Also, breaking out of my pretty-much-vinyl-only regimen, I'm adding this CD EP. It was released on vinyl too, but I have the CD, which I guess has one fewer song. What I don't have is an image of the cover art - there's no scanner chez Mythic Signifier and I just don't feel much like photographing the CD cover, photoshopping it to a decent size, and uploading it right now. Hopefully sometime soon I will do that. For now, you just get the music.

Andrew Beaujon, Morning, 1997
Neptune, no. 23

1: Snowglobe Hearts (4:15)
2. Little Wings (3:35)
3. Initials K.K. (3:39)
4. Horse Girl in the Passing Lane (5:48)

Get all three singles here. Enjoy.

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