Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magnetic Fields - miscellaneous live

Hell, while I'm at it, I figure I might as well post some more Magnetic Fields for you guys. This is a bit of a mish-mash of tracks that I downloaded mostly in 1999-2001, during the waning days of Napster and the heyday of Kazaa and especially Audiogalaxy. Those systems promoted file-by-file downloading, and so I got all this stuff without really having any idea where it was recorded. The best thing about this collection is that it mostly covers the period immediately before 69 Love Songs came out - which showed the band moving towards more acoustic arrangements live, while still using mostly electronics in studio - shifting slightly away from the vibe of the mid-90s concerts like the one I posted earlier. During this period they were also debuting a number of songs that would appear on the 6ths's second album, here recorded with Stephin Merritt singing and a much more pared-down accompaniment. To me, the versions of "As You Turn to Go" and "Kissing Things" here will always trump the CD versions, lovely as they are in and of themselves.

Because of their random origins, the recording quality in these files does vary dramatically - though I've left off a lot of really crappy-sounding tracks that I also have. All these songs should have itunes tag information that lines them up in the order below, though I'm never clear on how well the tags translate from computer to computer - and if you're not using itunes I suppose you've got some re-tagging to do. Or you can just listen to them in whatever order you want. Regardless, I hope you like it. I'll have more Magnetic Fields up in the weeks (months?) to come.

The Magnetic Fields, miscellaneous live collection, dates unknown:

1. I Don't Want to Get Over You (live on the BBC, 11 November 2000) (2:13)
2. Grand Canyon (2:54)
3. Just Like a Movie Star (2:47)
4. He Didn't (2:23)
5. The Saddest Story Ever Told (2:03)
6. I Don't Believe You (live on KVRX) (3:01)
7. Smoke and Mirrors (live on KVRX) (3:09)
8. All the Umbrellas in London (live on KVRX) (3:17)
9. Aging Spinsters (live on KVRX) (2:47)
10. 100,000 Fireflies (3:13)
11. Amnesia (2:10)
12. Ever Falls the Twilight/Your Long White Fingers (3:14)
13. Come Back From San Francisco (3:16)
14. Candy (2:28)
15. Jeremy (2:39)
16. Summer Lies (2:55)
17. Looking for Love in the Hall of Mirrors (3:02)
18. As You Turn to Go (1:50)
19. Kissing Things (2:10)
20. Young and Insane (2:06)
21. Alien Being (2:15)
22. When You Where My Baby (2:30)
23. Pillow Fight (2:31)
24. I've Got New York (2:18)
25. Lindy Lou (2:03)
26. Old Orchard Beach (2:49)
27. Winter in July (2:28)
28. I Have the Moon (2:21)
29. Famous (3:00)
30. The Desperate Things You Made Me Do (2:57)

Get the whole disorderly mess here. Enjoy.


Blair Corbett said...

hey, i just wanted to leave a little message hoping that you have deserted the blog here. i have acquired some of the most enjoyable things in my music collection from here, and it certainly inspired me to do a little hunting for my own 7-inch collection. just today i was listening over and over to the cupid car club ep... great stuff.

hope to see you on here again sooner rather than later!

Okthabio said...

Hey dude!!! i just discovered your blog yesterday and it is soooo awesome!!! for so many time i was searching for magnetic fields live material from the 90's, now i finally know how they used to play live in those days because of your blog, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :) this means a lot to me, cause i love Stephin's music...

I see you don't update you blog anymore and you promised more Magnetic fields music :( is there any chance you can reopen your blog activities? or maybe we can exchange material... let me know!!!! :) thanks again

Ben said...

Ha my buddy did the same thing back in the day and made a comp too. He named it "The Audiogalaxy Collection". I should upload his version somewhere, the sequencing was very good.