Friday, February 26, 2010


Since I seem to be breaking out of my habit (if you can call it that, after just 15 posts) of only putting up old seven inches, I thought I would take a moment to direct you guys toward Workday/Schoolnight, a solo outfit out of Greensboro, NC, home of the now-defunct Rebar and Raymond Brake, who have enjoyed previous posts here. Unlike those bands' mid-90s math rock, W/S creates a solid Krautrock-meets-Synthpop amalgam infused with a healthy dose of found sounds, which arrive courtesy hundreds of audio cassettes discovered while combing through thrift stores and pawn shops throughout the South. Lots of answering machine messages and old self-help tapes. It's good stuff.

Read more
at Experimentallmusic, and check out the latest album, Plastic Ocean, below.

Workday/Schoolnight, Plastic Ocean, 2010

1. Tapes on Tapes 1 (5:03)
2. Be Positive (Subliminal Series) (1:27)
3. People Crusher (4:54)
4. Family Security (1:34)
5. Survivalist's Advice (6:15)
6. Reset (1:12)
7. Health Slave (5:58)
8. Shopping for Poison (7:27)
9. The Talker (2:55)
10. Dead Doctors Don't Lie (3:22)
11. Affordable Living (3:56)
12. Nervous Illnesses (featuring Rhythm 1001) (2:52)
13. Humans and Computers (3:04)
14. My Creation (3:06)
15. In My Voice, It Sounds Like This (1:35)
16. Trash Machine (2:57)
17. Affirmations (3:09)
18. Major Metropolitan Low Ambition (4:13)
19. Plastic Ocean (5:15)
20. Tapes on Tapes 2 (1:22)
21. Words Control (2:05)

Get it here. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Zinnias

Hi all. As you can see, I've been rather inactive on this blog for the past months, due to an extremely overloaded work schedule. When you spend all day in front of a computer it just isn't always that exciting to come home and spend all night in front of a computer. So as much as I love sharing music, I've been losing the desire to do so via the blog.

However, thanks to the good efforts of Michael Williamson over at Aging Spinsters, I have been inspired to upload this gem from Magnetic Fields mastermind Stephin Merritt and company. In fact, it's already posted at Michael's site, and I thought I might as well make it into a post here as well. Maybe I will get The Mythic Signifier rolling again...

At any rate, The Zinnias were an early version of The Magnetic Fields, formed with Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson were in high school. They self-released a cassette titled Sand Dollar in 1986, then broke up when Claudia went to college. Stephin then remixed their recordings and released another cassette (with the same track list) as Compost. There's more info and somewhat of a discussion at Aging Spinsters.

I obtained these recordings on a bit torrent site some time ago. Since then they seem to have fallen out of circulation there, and mysteriously have not popped up on the blogosphere. I'll admit I have committed the cardinal sin of the torrent community (of which I am not a member, and about which I have mixed feelings) and compressed the original flac to 320kbps mp3. To remediate this situation somewhat, I am uploading both the mp3 and flac versions so you can take what you want. All thanks go to the kind soul who originally put these up as a torrent.

The Zinnias, Sand Dollar and Compost

1. Leeches (1:57)
2. Bed (1:13)
3. Country (1:55)
4. Otters (1:28)
5. Helium (1:07)
6. Barley (3:05)
7. Kings (2:24)
8. Screech (1:25)
9. Paul Bunyan (3:53)
10. Mindnight Slows (Weekend cover) (1:22)
11. Faberge (3:13)

UPDATE: links have been removed by request of the band.