Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Karyo Tengoku

By popular demand, here is the "other" side (ie, the non-Unrest side) of the soundtrack to Jon Moritsugu's film Mod Fuck Explosion. There is virtually no information available about this band beyond what is listed on the album cover. Someone said that the band may actually be Unrest in disguise. Listening to the record again, I am not sure which is better--the possibility that this is an authentic Japanese noise band, or the possibility that Unrest was capable of this kind of misbehavior. As far as I'm concerned, either way it's a win-win situation: 8 songs in 17 minutes; lyrics about the atomic bomb, James Dean, and smoking American heroin; all recorded on pristine white vinyl. It makes for a very happy Tuesday evening.

Note that according to the album cover the members of the band are named HonEE-comb, LaidEE, and TEEna.

Karyo Tengoku, Mod Fuck Explosion original soundtrack, 1993
Ball Peen, no. 10

1. Hiroshima
2. Chuin Gammu
3. Freaky Chick (2:26)
4. James Dean
5. Soul Brother (2:18)

6. Moto-Cancer (1:33)

7. Dragonfly (1:38)

8. Here We Come

Get it here.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot pal that you've noted my request and make this rare piece available! all i've heard about "karyo tengoku" is that it was a jon moritsugu (the director of "mod fuck explosion") one time project band. thanks again!!!

John Doe said...

holy shit!!!! ty so much! i have looked everywhere for this!!

is there any chance you have pretty mary sunshine "bird medicine"?

smokeandmirrors said...

Sorry, John Doe, no Pretty Mary Sunshine in my collection. Glad you like the Karyo Tengoku though!

envythedead said...

i have loved this record for so long. stoked to have it digitally.

Novemberer said...

Great to finally hear this, thanks...

Anonymous said...

i have been trying to find this since 1996. thank you very much.

Pat Caza said...

NOOOOooooo !!!!!
not there anymore
cough cough
life flashes before eyes
hack hack