Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mark Robinson et al.

Here's a new idea (and by "new" I mean really not new at all): blog as release and diversion from work rather than as burden on top of work. Let's try it out!

"Matthew" requested more rare Unrest material. Sadly I don't have much beyond what's already been posted - certainly not Twister, though I have the Cath Carroll single in 7" and CD versions if anyone is interested. What might be more fun to listen to are the following singles from a few of Mark Robinson's other projects.

Grenadine was a sort of Arlington, VA supergroup comprising Mark R., Jenny Toomey of Tsunami and Simple Machines Records, and Rob Christiansen of Eggs and Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers. Here's two of their three singles - I have the songs from the other single on old Teenbeat comps but it seems like cheating to post them without having the real thing.

Grenadine, Triology 7", 1992
Teenbeat, no. 88/Simple Machines, no. 8

A. Gillian (4:11)
B. Fillings (3:32)

Grenadine, Christiansen 7", 1994
Teenbeat, no. 166/Simple Machines, no. 31
A. The Barnacle (4:21)
B1. Snuck (3:49)
B2. Srew (2:05)

The Project was another sort-of supergroup, in which Mark R. joined half of Tuscadero (what a great band!), namely Melissa Farris and Phil Satlof. The only released this single and could have only played live a few times, but I was lucky enough to see one of those performances at a Teenbeat showcase at the Black Cat in DC in 1998. For "In the Drink" Melissa played drums and Mark and Phil did a great little dance while they played guitar and bass, respectively. It was a fun time, and so is the single.

The Project, self-titled 7", 1997
Teenbeat, no. 226

A. Celluloid Dreams of Superman (4:15)
B. In the Drink (4:24)

Mark Robinson formed Flin Flon in 1998, as the "real" follow-up to Unrest and Air Miami. They're still putting out records, which means that actually Flin Flon is probably the longest-running project Mark R. has participated in to date. Besides Mark, the band consists of Nattles (formerly of Cold Cold Hearts) and Mark Datesman (also of True Love Always). They're consistently awesome, and a great outlet for Mark R.'s longstanding obsession with Factory Records-style postpunk. This is their first release.

Flin Flon, Swift Current 7", 1998
Teenbeat, no. 241

A. Swift Current (4:16)
B1. Flintabetty Flonatin (2:21)
B2. Flintabetty Flonatin (Version) (1:27)

Get the whole mess here. Enjoy.


Matthew said...

thanks a lot! i found twister elsewhere so it doesn't matter. keep up the teenbeat, absolutely fantastic label and i'd love to hear more.

Novemberer said...

Where did you find Twister, Matthew? I've been looking for it for forever? Gimme a clue...!

Anonymous said...

Well, you can always go to the TeenBeat website (http://www.teenbeat.net/) -- a lot of the old cassette-only releases have been reissued in the TeenBeat Originals series on CDR, including Twister, the first cassette, Lisa Carol Freemont, three live releases (1992, 1993, 2005), etc. Even Scaley Andrew (Beaujon)'s cover of the entire Malcolm X Park album.

-- endwar

Tinsel Heart said...

Thank you for this rare stuff! All of Mark's projects sound cool to me...