Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bikini Kill

As a footnote to the previous post, I feel it is absolutely essential that anyone out there who doesn't know Bikini Kill learn about the band immediately. To rectify the possibility of such an unfortunate lack of exposure post haste, I am adding here the second of Bikini Kill's mid-90s singles. Simply put, this is the greatest 7" released in the 90s. It is out of print, but has been released on CD along with the two other almost-equally awesome singles the band put out in 1995-96. Buy that disc here. But now, get ready to be rocked.

Bikini Kill, The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation 7", 1995
Kill Rock Stars, no. 250

A1. In Accordance to Natural Law (0:28)
A2. Strawberry Julius (2:17)
B1. Anti-Pleasure Dissertation (2:29)
B2. Rah! Rah! Replica (0:58)

Get it here. Enjoy.

PS. Full disclosure: Although I own this single, I cheated and didn't re-rip it for this post. This is the CD version. Don't worry, there are more scratches and clicks soon to come!

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