Sunday, May 2, 2010


Continuing with the "women in rock" theme:

Squatweiler was based out of Winston-Salem, NC. I believe at least singer Haydee Thompson and perhaps other members as well attended the School of the Arts there. They must have gotten started around 1992 and put this album out the following year, on what I think was their own label. In 1995 their second album
All Tempo Hot Pants was released on the same label. Around this time I saw them play at the Lizard & Snake in Chapel Hill. Unless my memory is all backwards, Cherry Poppin' Daddies (at that point a punk/ska band) actually opened for them! Squatweiler was unbelievable live. Thompson was totally bombastic and had incredible charisma. Apparently she was so good she needed to blow the joint, and left the band in 1996 or so. After that the band went sharply downhill, but released two more albums, New Motherstamper (1997) and Horsepower (1999).

Nothing touches
Full Bladder, though. Female-fronted indie punk rock that still sounds remarkably original and fresh, if certainly of its time--never as programmatic as some of the riot grrrl bands (great as they were) tended to be. The standout tracks are "Willie Fight" which despite its chorus "My willie is bigger than your willie, yeah" concerns a protagonist (Willie) who, much to the chagrin of his girl, decides he is the Lord of Atlantis and wades into the sea never to return; also "4th of July," which is about getting stood up on a national holiday; and of course "Art Fag," which is self-explanatory, and, to this denizen of the art world, still remarkably relevant. Also the Sabbath cover's not bad. And who doesn't love a Sabbath cover?

Squatweiler, Full Bladder, 1993
Huel, no. 001

1. Twofold (3:59)

2. Should I (3:28)

3. Willie Fight (3:12)

4. Full Bladder (3:27)

5. Satan Got Two Thang (3:21)

6. 4th of July (3:58)

7. Art Fag (1:32)

8. Hand of Doom (6:17)

Get it
here. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

complete squatweiler catalog now on itunes...

kelfio said...

Ummmm... wow. Thanks! I've been trying to find a copy of this album for years. I'm listening to it right now, and it's amazing, still!
I spent my formative teen years in dark, smokey clubs during all-ages shows in W-S. '92-'95 were such great years to be growing up in W-S. There were shows at least 3 nights per week, and it was such a great scene.
Thanks again for posting this! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Lauren, the drummer that played on Full Bladder. It's nice to know that this album is still being listened to!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Should I They use to play it on wqfs and then i say them live
great band