Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bonus round: Teriyaki Asthma & Load

So, no sooner had I finished my last post than did I find myself at a record store in Williamsburg, sifting through old 7"s, and lo and behold what should I find but another volume of Teriyaki Asthma! For a dollar no less. (They had Level Records's Squirrel and Hamster records for cheap too, incidentally.) I thought about adding this to the post below but then a week passed, and then some more, so I figure better now to make this its own little mini-post.

Teriyaki Asthma IX feels a little bit like the series is going out on a whimper. After the downright badassness of Volume VIII - especially that Ween track - the four bands featured here seem pretty innocuous.
At least at first. Then I did some digging and discovered that the first featured act, Superconductor, was the first band led by Carl Newman (of the New Pornographers) and that, to boot, it featured six (!) guitars, two basses, plus drums. That must have made for a pretty amazing live act, and you can just get a glimpse of that here, in their cover of an excellent song by the La's. Stymie, the second band featured, should not be confused with the more recent band with the same name - this is the grunge band that never seemed to get it together and make many official recordings during its actual lifespan (their first single was called "Debut Posthumous Single"). On side two, Crackerbash would have been near the end of their run by the time they recorded this - not much info to be found about them. And finally, regarding Trash Can School: as an art guy, I have to give them props for referencing the Ashcan School in their band name, though I'm not sure what meaning we're supposed to derive from that. Maybe it's better just to settle in with their song, as we round out the run of the Teriyaki Asthma singles series.

Teriyaki Asthma IX, 1993
C/Z, no. 70

A1. Superconductor, "There She Goes" (2:27)
A2. Stymie, "One Proud Stout" (2:00)
B1. Crackerbash, "Head Lika Weedeater" (2:42)
B2. Trash Can School, "Hobgoblins" (1:56)

Get the single here.

And you know, while I'm in the bonus mood, I think I'll throw in that last demo by Load, which jamdkoff had requested a little while back. This is quite the epic endeavor - a 10+ minute operatic rock masterpiece. Or perhaps failure. Either way, all that spoken-word poetic diatribe-y stuff on the Load demo tape gets played out here to the fore. See what you think:
Get it here.

More soon!


jamdkoff said...

Thanks- this is great! Thanks for posting- you made my day!! BTW- if you are still looking to hear Teen Smash Hits for Students (LVL 003) I was surprised to find a few originals on Amazon (really inexpensive, too). I just got one for my collection :)

smokeandmirrors said...

Hey, I aim to please! And thanks for the info about Teen Smash Hits on Amazon - for now I am sated by the download that Mogwaione provided in the comments to my Commemorative Rodents post...

dee five said...

Any chance you could re-upload this somewhere other than megaupload please? It sounds interesting

Anonymous said...

Hey. This is Andrew from Load. Both Burleigh and I are looking for this. Any chance you could re-upload? Thanks!

smokeandmirrors said...

Hi Andrew. I'm done re-upping for now, but drop me a line at and I will send you the track.