Monday, May 7, 2012


Let's try this again. First I posted files to Megaupload, up until they were deleted when that service's career came to unceremonious end. Then I tried Mediafire, only to have it go private almost immediately thereafter. But, while at the moment I might not be up for creating any new posts, I am willing to give another shot with the re-ups. Thus, upon request, I will re-reupload files as you, my dear readers, desire. For convenience's sake, I'll just list the titles of the posts here once they are live again. And yes, somewhere down the line I may even put up some new posts, when and if my real-life work load calms down sufficiently.

Karyo Tengaku

Magnetic Fields - Live '94  

Raymond Brake & Rebar

Magnetic Fields - Obscurities Addendum